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consider the very best rums in the world...

Here is a comprehensive list of the finest rums in the world. This web site and printed rum guide contain an extensive list of more than 500 fine rums available to rum enthusiasts.

These uniquely rare and exquisite cane spirits tell a fascinating story... of rich history, geography, politics, international commerce and trade.

Here is a venerable liquor that shows an incredible range of variations. Each are unique reflections of distinct cultures that share a common affection for sugar cane spirits.

Rum is fun.

What is the best rum in the world? What distinguishes a great rum from others?

Where are the best rums made?

Why are the very best rums experiencing a renewed appreciation, resurrection, reawakening, and reemergence within the beverage industry?

In the premium rum category, sales are sky-rocketing across the U.S. and in Europe and Asia.

Savvy consumers are seeking out the finest products in each category, from each great region and from every style.

The best rums are enjoying a renaissance of greater apreciation and the shelves at liquor retailers and bars are growing with famous brands from around the globe.

Rob's Rum Guide offers guidance and serves as a reference to many of the finest brands on the market with tasting notes and facts about these fine spirits.

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The New American Rum Revolution
American Rums
a survey of the New American Rum Revolution

Tell us about your American rum.

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The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

Make plans now for one of the premier international rum events in April as the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival presents a unique and exciting celebration of the finest rums in the world, featuring an exhibition of the best rums in the world, Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, Rum Guide, extensive list, best rums, Gifted Rums, rum, super-premium, premium, sipping, the best, best rum in the world, light rum, dark rum, gold rum, black rum, flavored rum, spiced rum, aged rum, anejo, rum drinkswith seminars and workshops, an opportunity to rub shoulders with dignitaries and notable experts, and much more.

We'll be celebrating island cultures with hot music, great food and an amazing array of tropical libations...

Click on the link below for more information about the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in May.

Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise

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